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Impedance Transformers

Ward-Beck's impedance matching products allow for AES/EBU digital audio signals to be distributed using 75 Ohm coaxial cable. For flexibility of design and installation, our impedance transformers come in a variety of form factors, from single tubes to compact 1RU panels and high-density 2RU rackmount panels. Customers also have the option to have a 10dB loss pad added to the transformers. With such versatility in regards to form factor and configuration, Ward-Beck's impedance transformers are a great addition to any system integrator's lineup.

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  1. IMP-1M Three Quarter
  2. IMP-16M XLR Three Quarter
  3. IMP-4M XLR Three Quarter
  4. IMP-12E Front
  5. IMP-2M2F XLR Three Quarter
  6. IMP-20  Phoenix Connections Three Quarter
  7. IMP-1F Three Quarter
  8. IMP-16F XLR Three Quarter
  9. IMP-20A Front
  10. IMP-4F XLR Three Quarter

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