Watching the Olympics in the US

Ward-Beck Systems has supplied equipment to Olympic games broadcasters since the summer games in Montreal in 1976. That year a large contingent of audio consoles and intercom systems that would later be integrated in to the CBC network country wide were ordered by the CBC.


The M1002 a ten channel portable console, for venue production, was designed to specifications issued by CBC’s ORTO. Later this console was re-issued as the T1202 with inputs increased to twelve. We dubbed this a transportable console since the weight as described by our US sales person, Bill McFadden, was “heavier than a dead priest” and required two persons to move. Many of these M1002 and T1202 consoles are still doing yeoman’s work in music production today.

2014 and many Olympic games later, watching the Olympic coverage from Sochi on NBC while in Florida, what a different experience for a Canadian. You get a totally different perspective on the games. In Canada we are so used to be able to switch between local and international coverage. NBC, CBC and BBC coverage is readily available on cable and satellite services.

Regardless, the NBC production is top-notch with great video and crystal clear audio. One can only marvel at extent of technological progress and innovation that our industry has has gone through in a relatively short 38 years.

Thanks to all the athletes participating, congratulations to all the winners and to Canada’s team, “Go Canada Go!”

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