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Precision Metal Fabrication


With our own in-house metal shop, and 40+ years of experience in metal fabrication, Ward-Beck Systems Inc. is proud to annouce that we are now offering custom metal fabrication services. We can work with you right from the design of the product, or use your own design, to fabricate the needed metalwork, add finishing, and add any artwork that you need on it. We are open to one-off orders, as well as small runs and big runs. We will work with you to serve your individual needs one-on-one.

 Metal Fabrication Services at Ward-Beck


Designing and Prototyping: In our forty-five plus years of operation, we have provided custom design work to many companies around the world. Our mechanical designs are done mainly with AutoCAD, with some help from CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. We also do overflow work for other sheet metal shops.

AutoCAD Speaker Grill Design

Speaker Grill

Finishing and Artwork: Once the metal is fabricated, we get it finished for you. Painting, powder coating, plating and anodizing are some of the finishing touches we offer. In addition to finishing, we can get your custom artwork silk-screened on the metalwork, for a beautiful and professional finish. Engraving services are offered as well.


• Example of one-off order: View details here.


We were asked by an international entertainment corporation to do a custom control panel for one of their mixing equipment. We designed the layout of the panel in AutoCAD and, once the customer gave us the greenlight to go ahead, we fabricated the metalwork in our in-house metalshop. We sent it out to get painted by a local paintshop who we've worked with for years, and who give us topnotch prices. Afterwards the metal was screened, the customer's circuitry was added in, and the final panel was shipped off to the customer.

• Example of large-scope order: View details here.


We have designed and built many trade show booths over the last 40+ years, and our latest challenge was to design an 80s retro music themed booth. We incorporated many motifs of the 80s into our designs, from the love of bright colors to vintage turntables. Building the booth from scratch involved doing the original design and drawings in AutoCAD, as well and sourcing and fabricating the woodwork and metalwork that made up the tradeshow frame and design. The final trade show premiered at the NAB Trade Show in Las Vegas in April 2015.

• Example of small run order: View details here.


We had an in-house request for a small enclosure to fit audio equipment into, built from the minimum amount of metal parts possible. While a metal box would generally take at least six parts, our metalshop manager Dave Adams designed two pieces of metal that fit in cunningly with each other to form the box. The design also used the minimum amounts of screws possible. This greately reduced production cost and complexity.

• Example of small run order: View details here.


We had an in-house request for small rectangular enclosures to contain two differently built amplifiers in. While this would generally necessitate the building of two different boxes, our metalshop manager Dave Adams designed three pieces of metal, two of which fit together to create the first box, and two of which fit together to create the second box. Once again, this greatly reduced production cost and complexity.

• Example of one-off order: View details here.


The customer, a major Canadian broadcasting company, wanted some custom audio equipment made, housed in portable boxes. We did the metalwork in-house, as well as getting it painted and silkscreened at a competitive price.

• Example of large run order: View details here.



We had an in-house request to design a small rackmountable box that would hold a series of standardized audio electronics equipment. The key was consistency and standardization, to drive economies of scale.


• Example of medium run order: View details here and here.



We designed, prototyped and built a set of mounting brackets used for attaching electronic surveillance equipment to ceilings. These are now being built in larger quantities. All designs and drawings were done in AutoCAD.




 Dave Adams is our metal shop manager, and has 40+ years experience in metalworking. He has done custom metalwork for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Rogers, Bell Media, CTV, Sony Canada, Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, and many other companies. If you need something made, Dave can build it. Doesn’t matter if it is single-run pieces, small orders, or large quantities... he can get you the best price and delivery times for your needs.

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