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Precision Metal Fabrication


At Ward-Beck, we have our own in-house metalshop that has been in business for 40+years. We offer custom metal fabrication services. We can work with you right from prototyping your idea, or if you already have a design, to fabricate the needed metalwork, add finishing, and silkscreen any artwork that you need on it. We are open to one-off orders, as well as small production runs and big production runs. We will work with you to serve your individual needs one-on-one.

We have special expertise in designing panels, jigs and enclosures for Eurorack modular synthesizers, as this combines our audio and metalworking expertise.


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Dave Adams is our metal shop manager, and has 40+ years experience in metalworking. He has done custom metalwork for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Rogers, Bell Media, CTV, Sony Canada, Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, and many other companies. If you need something made, Dave can build it. Doesn’t matter if it is one-off pieces, small orders, or large quantities... he can get you the best price and delivery times for your needs.


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Front Office (Sanga): 416 335 5999 x 20 |

Dave: 416 335 5999 x 34 |


We tackle everything, from designing prototypes to finalized production runs

With an experienced design expert on our staff, we can handhold you through the entire metal fabrication process, from prototyping your idea, to doing production runs of the finalized design. Sometimes, clients come to us with a finalized design, in which case we are happy to do the production runs for them. Other times, clients come to us with a rough idea, and we will draft up a design, and then walk them through the process of prototyping, and eventual production runs. We handle everything, from one-off orders, to large-scale production. Below are some of the projects that we have handled.

Eurorack panels: From initial designs provided by the customer, we designed mechanical drawings for Eurorack panels. We worked with the customer to finalize the designs. Once the mechanical drawings were approved, we proceeded with fabrication of the panel, painting, and high-quality silk-screening.

Tube amplifier cages: From a concept the customer gave us, we designed mechanical drawings, and fabricated metal cages that will be used to house vintage high-end tube amplifiers. An example of one of the cages we designed is shown below.


We do one-offs, and small/medium/large productions runs

We handle everything, from one-off orders, to large-scale production runs. Below are some examples of production runs that we have handled.

Example of large production run: We designed, prototyped and built a set of mounting brackets used for attaching electronic surveillance equipment to ceilings. These are now being built in larger quantities for distributors. All designs and drawings were done in AutoCAD.

Example of medium production run: We fabricate various panels for a Eurorack manufacturing company. We work with the customer right from the design, walking them through fabrication, to painting the panels, to silkscreening. Due to the high quality expectations of the customer, we source and provide extra-precise silkscreening services for these panels.


Custom and one-off orders

Case 1: We were asked by an international entertainment corporation to do a custom control panel for one of their mixing equipment. We designed the layout of the panel in AutoCAD. Once the customer gave us the greenlight to go ahead, we fabricated and painted it. Afterwards, the required circuitry was added in by our engineering department, and the final product was shipped off to the satisfied customer.


Case 2: In 2017, we helped to build the Berkeley Inc. recording studio in downtown Toronto. We designed and implemented the Electrical and Audio needs for this world-class facility, which included designing custom metal panels for the recording studio. This job combined our specialities of audio engineering and metalworking expertise. Berkeley Inc. was named as one of 2018's Coolest New Studios by Mix Magazine, and Ward-Beck is proud to have contributed to that.


Specializing in Euroracks and enclosures

As a company with 50+ years old roots in audio and broadcast, we have special expertise in projects that bring together both audio and metalworking needs. As a result, we get many clients looking to design Eurorack panels and modular synth enclosures. These projects have been some of our greatest success, combining the two areas that we have top notch expertise in: high-performance audio, and high-end metalworking.


Prototyping: Due to our flexibility, we can accommodate small prototyping jobs that bigger metal fabrication companies might not be willing to take on, such as the one-off panel below, where we worked with a customer to prototype and finalize metalwork for a synthesizer he designed.


Regular production runs: We work regularly with Eurorack manufacturers on various panels for their upcoming products. We work with them right from prototyping the unit, and finding the right type of paint and silkscreen finish for the job, before getting the go-ahead to complete larger production runs of the panels.


Eurorack synth enclosures: We are one of the few companies located in Canada that design and fabricate enclosures for Euroracks synthesizers. Below is an enclosure we recently designed for a Eurorack manufacturer to house a synth.

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