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Birth of an MF8212 frame: A Step by Step Look at Production

If you're a DIY electronics enthusiast, you might find this interesting. We've been putting out quite a few new products at Ward-Beck recently, but one day, not long ago, these products were mere lines drawn on paper by our talented design team. Our in-house metal shop and production facility takes these drafts, and translates them into reality. With that in mind, we thought you might like a little insider look into what goes into putting together one of our products.

Now, the below arrangement might just look like a bunch of screws and panels and spare parts to you...

But, to the trained eye, these are the origins of an MF8212, the standard WBS frame for our 8200 card series which deliver modular solutions for the distribution and conversion of audio and video signals.

Let's give our production team a little crack at it, shall we?

Oh look, things are coming together!

Hey, that looks familiar....

We're almost there! Just have to screw in the back panels, and put in whatever 8200 cards are needed, before we close in the door panel...

And voila! A finished and fully functional MF8212 frame!

Now this beauty is ready to be shipped off to some deserving broadcast station or production studio, ready to make some audio magic with our 8200 series amplifier and converter cards!

Hope you enjoyed this little inside look into our production department, and that you all have a great weekend! If you're going to be at the NAB Show in Vegas next week, don't forget to drop by our booth (N1202) so you can see more of our products in the flesh! (Or in the circuitry, as it were.)

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