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Tool of the Day: Cable Sleeves

The tool of the day at our WBS plant is the cable sleeve, which we slip over the end of wires to insulate and separate them near the termination.

We’ll try to conduct a short tutorial on cable sleeving and while can’t guarantee it’ll be electrifying, we hope you’ll get a charge out of it anyways. Currently sitting on our WIP racks are some POD6 miniature headset amplifiers, getting ready to be shipped out. Now, Watt are we going to be doing to these pretty little boxes?*

*Getting sick of our puns yet? It hertz us more than it hertz you.

Well, all these pretty wires are neatly color coded, and arranged so they don’t cross each other and make a mess. Looks pretty neat, huh?

But check that little bare strip coming out of each wire at the end, right where all the wires meet up near the end. You will see the uncovered wires are very close to each other, and ergo face the threat of short circuiting.

A big problem if you’re depending on your equipment to be reliable and last you a long time.

And as always, the answer to a big problem is a teeny tiny solution. In this case, these tiny little expandable sleeves, that you might have seen kicking around in your friendly neighbourhood DIY shed.

The application of the sleeve itself is pretty easy: Use the pronged expanding pliers to widen the sleeve, applying lubricant to ease the progress and slip the sleeve over the wire.

And voila! A neat and easy way to keep your wires from short circuiting.

(You can also get sleeves that don’t need lubricant before application, but these are the ones we use in our plant.)

When doing repairs, such a sleeve easily allows our test team to pull them back, check the wiring and then easy reinstate the sleeves, without having to deal with cutting up insulating tapes or other such messy affairs.

Not only do these sleeves keep the conductors separated appropriately when terminating, but they also provide stability to the wire, buffering them from impact when we have to inspect the wires or test them.

And, at the end of the day, these rubber sleeves give a neat and finished look to the interior of our products, to match their sleek exterior.


(Stay tuned for more sporadic Tool of the Day tips, brought to you with the help of production manager Gerry Bell!)

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