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  • Throwback Tuesday: Something old, Something new

    The Ward-Beck display room is, in many ways, an extension of our commitment to honoring our history of making world-class products, while continuing to forge ahead with new innovations that offer industry-standard performance to institutional and independent broadcasters alike. Side by side with our newest additions to our POD and Impedance line products are old school Audio/Video monitors and broadcasting consoles. On this week’s edition of Throwback Tuesday, we thought we could take a short look around some of the vintage Ward-Beck products on display here.

    This console was commissioned for CKVR TV in 1972, featuring a VU meter and classic P&G faders. Like many of the older WBS consoles, it is custom work that was designed to the specifications of the station. Decommissioned in 1992, it has found a new home in our display room, snuggled in comfortably between the WBS 460 series of channels strips and the WBS VidBuddy Audio/Video Monitor.

    ^Look pretty cozy all lined up together, don’t they?

    Below you can see the 460 series channel strips in greater detail. They start out with alternating Limiter/compresses and noise gate/meters, with some 4d parametric equalizers clustered in the second third row.

    The WBS 460 series is one of the most long-standing of Ward-Beck products. Still widely lauded for the 4 band parametric equalizer, these units are still sought after today for audio recording/production and are in use in sound studios worldwide.

    The VidBuddy Audio/Video you can see below has a tiny little silver hand of the top that can actually be extended to carry this monitor around like a lunch-tote or handbag. Well, if one were inclined to carrying around expensive audio equipment as fashion accessories, anyways…

    Some other vintage WBS products around our display room:

    Custom level control

    Radio Studio Control Turret

    Our POD2 Stereo Audio Switcher has been redesigned into a sleek and user-friendly package, while offering the same great performance, and with the same specifications.

    Our impedance converter baluns are now offered in a whole new package, with the same great performance. We also recently introduced our highest density Impedance Converter Panels, now with a sleeker design, but offering the same great performance, with the Phoenix and BNC connector rack ears now removable so that they can be oriented to best suit the installation requirements.

    We are always continuing to come up with new innovations to better serve the broadcast industry. We have got some exciting new developments going on at Ward-Beck. Stay tuned for more exciting products that Ward-Beck is working on introducing!

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