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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Lobby V3.0 about to be released

    Ward-Beck Show Room

  • Step-by-step production of an ABB1

    We were busy at work this week cranking out several Audio Bit Buddy units this week, ready to go out into the field and be used by broadcasting engineers and servicing professionals. We have quite a few engineers and DIY enthusiasts following our blog, so we thought it would be good to give a step by-step breakdown of the pictures on hand!

    Below are the various and sundry parts needed for the making of the Audio Bit Buddy, in addition to the printed circuit board, which can be seen in the next photograph:

    These populated PCB have not had the wires or battery pack soldered on to them yet, but they have been populated with the connectors, jacks and ICs needed.

    Next, the wires will need to be soldered on to the populated PCB, each done up close and personal by our in-house production team. No mass production here, where something might get lost in the shuffle :)

    After the soldering has been done, the unit is ready for some preliminary testing by the technical team.

    A unit ready on the testing bench with the requisite testing equipment. Notice that the battery pack has not been put in yet.

    Next, we will burn the units in overnight, to ensure that the power adapter is working properly and that unit will not fail after extended periods of usage:

    Our custom battery packs for the Audio Bit Buddy have arrived, and we are ready to put them on and complete the testing of the unit.

    Once the testing is done and the unit is confirmed to be functional, it is now ready to be shipped out with the needed power supply and manuals, to find a good new home!

    Take good care of it, new owner! : )

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