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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Lobby V3.1

    There are 28 projects on the go with the team.

    Products showcased last year are being put through extensive testing.  The AVB engines are running.  There are so many speakers here and isolation booth may be needed...
    And There are orange cables everywhere.



  • The shop amp died

    I wonder what will replace it...
    IMG_2713-2014-11-22 IMG_2710-2014-11-22

  • Pauline is On



    And she's sending AVB

  • Help Me Rhonda Design Contest

    Rhonda is looking a little rough.  She needs some cheering up!

    She is 28 modules wide   each module is 1.6 inches...
    Any WBS product can be used.

    If you could build any WBS console with it, what would you build?

    First by design place:     wins an RTO-214 rack mount chassis!

    All Entries:  Publication and thank-you package!

    2014-11-03 19.42.38

    Submit designs to APK @ Ward-Beck . com

    Example Submission:

    Name: Anthony
    Email Address: yes I do... the one I sent you this email from...
    Mailing address: I do have one.

    Hello, I'm APK... I drew Rhonda. Attached is a picture of my plan.  I'd use it in my coffee shop.  It would be nice for when singer songwriters come over and need a small PA mixer and music in between sets.


  • Lobby V3.0 is being roughed in

    Our lobby is undergoing a reunion of legacy consoles!  Retro L series, 400 series and a collection of our previous products and projects.  Ward-Beck Systems has built thousands of unique solutions and a display area for current and past products in under construction.

    IMG_2409A big wide shot of the room

    IMG_2395Here you have Pauline,  Rhonda, Antoinette and VeRonica.

    A shelf of hand made factory crafts from the past.  Module buckets, routing switched and much more!

    Here is a rough in of Pauline.   She is an L2042 console fitted with a very flexible patchbay.  We won't be using it's monitor section, but an MLC8 5.1 Multichannel  Level Controller 

    MLC8A Front


    To hook up all of the consoles a plan has been put into motion to make it all see the same signals:
    Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.40.27 AM

    Stay Tuned for more progress!

  • Lobby V3 is being un-boxed...


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