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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Spitting out some sick bits

    We will be glad to see the record breaking cold of February coming to an end this week in Toronto. It may be an early morning for some people, but here at Ward-Beck, it is already Friday 7:00 am and our Production Department has another round of "Bits Of Spitters" coming off the line. We are also expecting March to be coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb with another round of snow this weekend. Don't put your shovels away yet!

  • QTP -

    Ward-Beck Systems is excited about the latest innovation from our R and D department.  We've called it QTP and it stands for

    Quad Twisted Pair is simply the integration and addition of RJ-45 and Category Cable as an interconnection standard for moving audio.  A lineup of conversion boxes, cables and adapters has taken shape and was recently featured at the Toronto Audio Engineering Society's member showcase.    For more information and to contribute to the implementation of QTP join the discussion on the forum. 


    Slide31 (1)

  • Process documentation of customizing a POD12A/110: Switching I/O connectors

    Quite often, we get customers coming to us with requests for a custom builds of existing products. Sometimes the customization required is as simple as changing some connectors, and sometimes it requires a whole new feature to be added, which can even turn into the creation of a whole new product. In the particular case that we are documenting below, the request was quite straightforward: the customer wanted the input and output connections of the POD12A/110 Reclocking Digital DA to be replaced with XLR connectors.

    On a standard POD12A/110, the input and output connections are made of pluggable 3-pin screw terminals. These screw terminations are durable, and their small size allows for all ten of the POD12A/110’s input and output connections to be housed in its small 8.7” wide rear panel.

    (Rear panel of a standard POD12A/110 unit)

    However, our customer much preferred XLR connectors to 3-pin terminals, and requested that this change be made. Although the request seems straightforward enough, it is not a simple matter of just drilling some holes and plugging in new connectors.

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