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Introducing POD14B - Dual Analog to Digital converter

Looking for an affordable, high-quality solution for your analog to digital audio conversion needs? Look no further than the POD14B, the newest in our range of top quality, low-cost problem solving broadcasting equipment!


  • + Dual AES/EBU analog to digital audio converter
  • + Comes ready for use in 75 Ohm and 110 Ohm installations
  • + Half-rack unit, conserving studio space, and can be rackmounted easily.
  • + No special set up necessary. Just plug and play!

Suitable for table-top or rack mounted installation, the POD14B is the go-to dual AES/EBU analog to digital audio converter for applications where performance is demanded and space is limited.  This unit is ready for use in 75Ω or 110Ω  digital installations.  POD14B can generate digital audio signals at sampling rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 kHz using its internal oscillator or an external reference source may be used.

As more and more consumer equipment finds it way into the work flow, analog to digital audio conversion to professional standards (from unbalanced or balanced  sources) is becoming a common requirement. From a freelance news reporter with a cellphone interview of a celebrity on the street to playback of a professionally mastered audio track, POD14B will let you convert your analog audio to digital signal that conforms to AES specified standards.

The POD14B can be used as a standalone desktop unit or rack mounted (singly or in pairs) allowing for flexibility in your facility design. Standard configurations are shown below.

Standalone desktop configuration
Single-rackmount configuration (Order information: RMK1) configuration (Order Information: RMK2)

MAIN ADVANTAGES OF THE POD14B+ Dual converter in small half-rack unit box: simultaneously converts  a  stereo unbalanced and a stereo balanced analog audio signal to AES/EBU digital audio signals

  • + No special setup procedures required – plug and play installation
  • + Wide gain range adjustment allows user to set levels accurately
  • + Compact size makes it perfect for use in small studios, mobile vans and any installation where space is at a premium
  • + Flexible configuration: The POD14B can be used as a stand alone desktop unit or rack mounted singly or paired with any other POD product.
  • + Dual purpose unit that you saves space and money.


  • + POD14B - Dual (+4 and -10 dBm) Analog-to-AES/EBU Converter in standalone desktop packaging.
  • + RMK1 - Allows you to rackmount a POD14B unit in a single rackmount.
  • + RMK2 - Allows you to rackmount two POD units side by side in a double rackmount.

Looking to get your hands on this new product? Want other compact, affordable and high-quality solutions for your broadcast problems? Contact Ward-Beck Systems now! Email or call 416-335-5999 for more information.


POD14B is a dual AES/EBU analog to digital audio converter. This unit comes ready for use in 75Ω or 110Ω installations. POD14B can generate digital audio signals at sampling rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 kHz using its internal oscillator. Alternatively, the sampling rate of the digital output signals may be referenced to an external source.

Front panel controls and tallies include a power switch with LED tally, a momentary step switch and LED indicators to cycle through the internally generated sample rates from 32 to 192 kHz. Two LEDs indicate whether the internal or external reference is used. The external reference signal has precedence over the internally generated reference signal.  POD14B will automatically sync to the external reference.  Gain trim controls for input 1 (the unbalanced source) are provided on the front panel.

Connections to the POD14B are made on the rear panel. Input 1 accepts unbalanced analog signals via standard RCA connectors. Input 2 accepts balanced analog signals via 3-pin Phoenix® pluggable connectors. Connections to the digital reference may be made by either 75Ω BNC or 110Ω Phoenix® 3-pin pluggable connectors. The 75Ω and 110Ω connections of each output may be used in parallel. Level trim controls for the analog input signals are located next to the corresponding input connectors. The IEC AC power disconnect with integral fuse is also located on the rear panel.

There are no special setup procedures necessary prior to using POD14B. Simply plug the unit into an AC power outlet and connect input and output cables. POD14B is factory calibrated to output a nominal -20dBFS AES/EBU signal. Apply a -10dBu signal to input 1 or a +4dBu signal to input 2. Both converters may be used in tandem. Both output connections of each converter may be used simultaneously. The rear panel trim controls may be used to set POD14B up for a digital output signal that is different from the -20dBFS factory setting.


Input Impedance 75 Ohm or 110 Ohm
Input Level 0.2-7V p-p
Sampling Frequency Range 32kHz to 192kHz
Converter 1:
Input Impedance 47k Ohm unbalanced
Maximum Input +14dBu
Frequency Response +0.01/-0.26dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Converter 2:
Input 2 Impedance 24k Ohms balanced
Maximum Input +24dBu
Frequency Response ± 0.1dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Resolution 24 bits
Output Standard AES/EBU 75 Ohm unbalanced and 110 Ohm balanced
External Sampling Frequency 32kHz to 192kHz
Internal Sampling Frequency Selectable 32, 44.1, 48, 96 and 192kHz
Jitter less than 5ns
Level (75 Ohm) 1 V p-p terminated
Level (110 Ohm) 3 V p-p terminated
Noise better than -110 dBFS, 20Hz to 20kHz Typical unweighted
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise better than 0.02%

All the preceding specifications were taken with a 48 kHz external reference.


We will be showcasing the new POD14B at the NAB 2015 Trade Show. If you are going to NAB 2015, please find us at Central Hall, right on the border of Acquisition & Production and Radio/Pro Audio. You will see us at Booth# C2541!


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