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From setup to showtime. Our NAB experience so far, told in pictures!

For those of you on the floor at NAB 2015, or following along at home, hope you are having a great time watching! Here's Ward-Beck's NAB experience so far, from setting up to show time!

Getting all our exhibits laid out...

The products are all set out...time to light them up!

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

One thought on “From setup to showtime. Our NAB experience so far, told in pictures!”

  • Eugene Johnson

    Our guys did a great job designing and setting up for this NAB. The ideas are fresh an reaches back to our roots in the broadcast industry. I am so proud and appreciative of everyone's effort.
    Thank you:
    Kevin Lyver, who masterminded this project
    Ali Sharifan, for your engineering expertise
    Adam Sprovieri, for coding the flashing lights and "THE BIG VU METER"
    Dave Adams, for the well executed structural design
    Gerry Bell and his team, for producing the great products on display
    Bob Murphy and Wai-Keung Wong, for ensuring that every thing worked up to specifications
    Sangavai Easwaran, for her tireless assistance to Kevin
    Antony Kuzub, for being our cheerleader and sharing your ideas
    Colleen Johnson, for keeping charge of the purse strings so we could mount this terrific event
    Special Thanks to Brock from 2 Egress, for stunning woodwork.

    At the age of 48 years Ward-Beck Systems is the oldest, continuously operating, manufacturer of broadcast equipment in Canada. We may be old but our spirit is youthful and since 1967 we've always been "FIRST by DESIGN"

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