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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • TBT: Extender Boards: An old-school way of testing consoles

    One of our regular inventory checks at Ward-Beck turned up an interesting old tool that was in popular usage during the console era, helping to repair and maintenance of audio consoles.

    What you see above is an R2K console extender board, a simple board that was placed in between the console chassis and the console modules.



    This helps to extend the circuitry on the module out of the chassis, allowing technicians to easily access both sides of the circuit board, in order to connect testing equipment. This made for easier maintenance and repair, and less chance of any circuitry being accidentally damaged because the technicians couldn't properly see the card they were working on.

    These extenders boards provided a practical solution to the physical limitations of testing and troubleshooting in the crowded and enclosed space of a console.

    Extender Boards are not in wide use anymore. These days, when a module from a console, such as our R2K console needs to be repaired, it is simply taken out of the console and sent in for repair, while a replacement is used in its place. However, we do have a modern version of the extender board for the Ward-Beck 8200 series of cards.

    This extender board helps to extend the card out of the cage rack, so that testing on the card can be done without dismantling the whole thing, or have to poke inside the card cage. Again, a handy way to ease up the repair and maintenance process.

    Our extender boards are still being used by technicians in broadcast stations around the country. The little things keep the old ways going :)

  • Modifying our new POD8A with 3-pin pluggable connectors to accomondate QTP and XLR connections!

    We recently introduced our new and improved POD8A Analog Distribution Amplifier  into the market: an analog audio distribution amplifier providing sixteen adjustable output channels from 2 input channels. This is an improved version of our previous POD8 Stereo Distribution Amplifier.

    We received some excellent feedback from potential customers regarding this new products, and one of the comments that struck us was that customers often preferred one type of connections over another. By default, the POD8A comes with 3-pin pluggable connectors, as do many other products in our POD lineup.

    In the past, we have done modifications for customers who requested other PODs XLR connectors, or other types of connections, as best suited their installation needs. Therefore, when we got similar feedback upon the introduction of the POD8A, we decided to introduce two alternate version of the POD8A, one with XLR connections (POD8A-XLR), and one with QTP connections (POPD8A-QTP).

    Modifying the rear panel to take QTP connectors:

    For QTP connectors, we were able to keep the same form factor after modifying the connections, due to the similar size of the QTP connections, in relation to the standard 3-pin pluggable terminals.


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  • Throwback Thursday - WBS M462B equalizer

    With all the talk about the M462B Equalizer we went through the archive to find the original hand drawn schematics.

    Ward-Beck systems M468B equalizer schematic 000
    Ward-Beck systems M468B equalizer schematic 001
    Ward-Beck systems M468B equalizer schematic 002
    Ward-Beck systems M468B equalizer schematic 003 Ward-Beck systems M468B equalizer schematic 004
    For a digital version visit the Ward-Beck system Preservation Society Archive

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