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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • Metalshop Project: Adjustable Rackmount Tray

    The newest project to come out of our metalshop: a rackmount tray with adjustable sides. The sides can be adjusted via the slider to different widths, in accordance with the customer's needs.

    Ward-Beck Metalshop

    Ward-Beck Metalshop

    Got a metalworking project for us? Inquire at Our in-house metalwork and design team can help you get what you need!

  • Ward-Beck MP4 Audio Meters used to produce Grammys 2018

    I spy a WBS MP4 Audio Level Meter at the Grammys! It's nice to see the MP4 as the meter of choice at such a major event :)

    WBS MP4 meters at Grammys 2018

    Read more here:

    Our MP Series of audio meters are rackmount analog meters, that display peak and VU information on classic moving needle meters. The popular MP4 custom panels contain four meters of your choice, VU or PPM, in the combination required to suit your metering needs. Similarly, the MP3 panels feature three meters of your choice per unit, the MP2 panels feature two meters of your choice, and the MP1 panels feature one meter of your choice. Their versatility, rackmountability and durability has enabled the MP meters to be used in a wide variety of applications, from broadcast stations to military outposts.

    MP4(VU) Front

    MP2(1P1V) Front

    MP3(PPM) Front

  • Building IMP-4M mini portable impedance converter panels

    We're working on building some IMP-4M mini portable impedance converter panels today!

    IMP-4M in progress

    Finished product:


  • The impact of AES67

    AES67 changes the way you make TV...

    AES67 workflow

  • Building QTP breakout cables

    We're building QTP breakout cables in production today:

    QTP cables in progress

    Finished product:

    QTP cables finished

    QTP is a system for moving channels of Analog or AES audio over CAT Networking cables (Cat5e, Cat 6 UTP, S/UTP, STP, S/STP).

    Benefits of QTP:

    - low-cost connectors and breakout boxes perform the same function as expensive and customized snake cables

    - cut installation and cable costs significantly when compared to traditional individual pair runs

    - you save time, money and installation space/weight by using a low-cost and flexible connection system, that can be easily replicated as your system grows.


    Check out our cable lineup here.

  • Video: Racking up M480C legacy modules

    Racking up some M480C’s for a client. What do you have that needs racking? We’ve got the parts in stock!

  • Working on populating 8200 Series silent audio frames

    Our team is busy at work today populating our 8200 frames to be fitted into a mobile production truck! :) Our 8200 series of audio cards, mounted in a 2RU frame, provide modular audio solutions, and are perfect for small production spaces! Best of all - NO FAN NOISE!

    Silence is golden

    8200 Series cards

    8200 Series frames

  • R&D: Coding project

    One of our backburner projects going on in R&D is our effort to code our networked AES67 PreMO audio interfaces to control our non-networked products, such as our MLC8 multichannel level controller and our POD10A AES Switcher.

    This is part of our goal to provide a wholistic solution for audio system builders and integrators. Our goal is to provide a suite of products that work seamlessly with each other, and which can be controlled remotely via an online interface, thereby increasing versatility.




    Coding PreMo with Raspberry Pi

  • Metalshop Project: Rackmount for touchscreen monitor

    New project for our in-house metal shop: Designing and fabricating a rackmount for a touchscreen monitor.


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  • Video: Testing QTP to XLR breakout cables

    We are testing some QTP RJ45 to XLR cables that we built in the factory. We are testing them using the aid of our BobCat RJ45 breakout boxes, and a cable tester.


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