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  • ward-beck is making news!

    Our AoIP networked mic preamplifier preMOs are headed to a multinational news organization!

  • Find Ward-Beck's AES67/ST2110 products on demo @ IBC 2018 (IP Showcase, Room E106)

    Ward-Beck's AES67/ST2110 networked audio equipment will be demonstrated in action at the IP Showcase, at the upcoming IBC 2018 convention. This year's IBC will be held in RAI Amsterdam from September 13th to 18th, 2018.

    Among the equipment that we will demonstrate at the convention, is our newly-released PreMO-222. The PreMo-222 is a dual mic/line pre-amplifier with PoE capability. It is AES67 and ST2110 compliant. PreMo-222 is perfect for talk show radio, reporters on the go, live-casting, live sports commentary from the stadium, and many other such applications. It was most recently used by CTV to record ambient audience sounds at the 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs awards show held in Toronto.

    PreMo-222 Front Three Quarter

    Below is a photo of the PreMo-222 setup at the iHeartRadio MMVAs. Out of two racks, we managed to do the entire ambient audience recording for an internationally watched awards show.

    PreMo-222 at MMVAs

    The IP Showcase at IBC 2018 will be in Conference Room E106. Make sure you stop by there and see our equipment in action!

    IP Showcase location at IBC 2018

    This isn't Ward-Beck's first rodeo. Here are some pictures of Ward-Beck equipment on demo at previous IP Showcases, both at IBC and the NAB Show.

    IP Showcase at NAB 2017Ward-Beck Systems showcasing the preMO, 32ME and AMS2 at the NAB 2017 IP showcase. Confirming SMPTE ST2110 interoperability with many manufactures.

    WBS PreMo-222 in IP Showcase at NAB 2018Ward-Beck PreMo-222 on display at NAB 2018.

    See you there!

  • How to set up our PreMo-222 for talk show radio or podcasts

    A very serious conversation being held via our new PreMo-222 networked mic preamplifier. Talk show radio anyone? ;)

    conversation via PreMo-222 aes67 networked mic preamp

    Below is how the PreMo-222 would be set up for talk show radio.

    Premo-222 talk show radio setup

    A one-stop shop for your podcast/radio needs ;)

  • PreMo on the road!

    Our PreMo #AES67 ST2110 networked preamplifiers out on a roadshow! Find out more about them here!

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  • NAB 2018 - April 8 - Beginning of Day 3 Setup

    In the beginning of Day of NAB Setup. We are setting up our PreMo networked audio devices. So far so good.

    And we had a visitor from Cobalt Digital step by :)

    If you are at the #NABShow, find us at our Booth C1941 or at the IP Showcase booth C12634!

  • NAB 2018 - April 7 - End of Day 2 Setup

    More setup pictures from Saturday, this time from the end of the day. We've got just about everything put together.

    Plus, we got a curious visitor from Merging Technologies

    If you are at the NAB Show, find us at our Booth C1941 or at the IP Showcase booth C12634!

  • PreMO-222 Application: Music Recording

    Looking to record some music in the studio? Our AES67/70 networked PreMo-222 mic preamp can help with that! Via AES70, the PreMo-222 is remote controllable, allowing for level adjustment, filter insertion, phantom powering, local mixing and more.

    Being POE-powered, remote-controllable, and easily portable, the PreMo-222 is the one-stop shop for decentralized and dematerialized production.

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  • PreMO-222 Application: Livestreaming

    If you want to add external sound to your livestreaming, the PreMo-222 can easily do that. With simple setup, and reliable high quality, this is just another of the audio applications that our PreMo networked POE-powered mic preamplifier can be set to.

    With this setup, the PreMo-222 becomes an external sound-card for streaming OBS, vMix, and adding audio tracks. It can be adapted for livestreaming, e-sports, Let's Plays, and similar applications.

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  • PreMO-222 Application: Talk Show Radio

    One of many applications for our new PreMO-222 POE networked 2-channel mic preamp: Talk Show Radio. With its POE and AES67/70 capability, the PreMo-222 is the one-stop shop for decentralized dematerialized radio production.

    As you can see, the PreMO-222 is called that because it's got 2 mics to network in, 2 headsets out, and two independent volume controls. Perfect for talk show radio.


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  • PreMO-222 Application: Ambience Recording

    One of many applications for our new PreMO-222 POE networked audio device is: Recording environmental sounds and noise for TV and film production, with flexible tranmission through the PreMo-222's networking AES67/AES70 capabilities.

    Example setups for ambience recording:

    Basic function of the PreMo-222

    Visit us at NAB 2018!

    We are going to be exhibiting at the 2018 NAB Show. Visit us at Booth C1941 to see our new PreMo-222 in action! You can also see our AES67/AES70 products in action at the IP Showcase (Booth C12634).

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