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  • Looking good in green! AMS8-1AN on display at AES143

    Special Green AMS8-1AN built for RAVENNA IP-based networking technology display at the 143rd AES Convention in New York

    Looking good in green!

    Green AMS8-1AN

    AMS8-1AN for AES143

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  • AMS2-N exhibited at Tonmeistertagung as part of Ravenna booth

    Ward-Beck is be exhibiting our AMS2-N AES67-compatible Cue Speaker at the 29th Tonmeistertagung Conference in Cologne, as part of the Ravenna® booth. Tonmeistertagung is an internationally renowned European conference covering broadcast, film, video, sound production, interactive media, distribution and program exchange, stage and event, hardware and software production, research and development, as well as teaching and training of same.

    Our entry-level AMS2-N speaker is cost-effective solution for networked monitoring. It is equipped with both Ravenna® AES67 and Digital AES inputs, as well as a Digital AES output and the headset output. It offers high-quality and cost-effective Ravenna® AES67 to AES conversion in a 1RU rackmountable package.

    View more details and specifications about the AMS2-N here.


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  • Old meets new!

    We're doing some repairs to an old legacy WBS console in the office today, with the help of none other of our brand new spanking AMS2 Audio Monitors.

    The AMS2 is acting as a monitor output for testing the audio from the console.

    Love seeing the WBS old guard working in tandem with the new!

    AMS2 Front Three Quarter

  • AMS8-1AN Multichannel Audio Monitor - with Ravenna® AES67 Networking Capability

    Previously, we have announced our Ravenna Partnership, and the introduction of the AMS2-N - our first AES67 compatible product, as well as the MLC8-N Multichannel Level Controller with AES67 outputs. Today, we are proud to introduce the third product in our lineup of AES67 compatible products: the AMS8-1AN Multichannel Audio Monitor, which is designed to extract and listen to audio signals on an AES67 network. We will be demonstrating the AMS8-1AN at NAB 2016, so do attend our Booth C1941 in Central Hall for a first hand look at how this unit works, if you are planning on attending the show.

    The AMS8-1AN is a compact 1RU aural and visual monitor designed to extract and listen to audio signals on an AES67 network. Complete with eight precision LED bargraph meters and a sophisticated built in speaker system it allows you to hear and measure the quality of your networked audio signals. It provides the individual extracted AES signals for local distribution or processing. The flexible control platform allows the unit to be factory configured to suit your needs or operating style.

    The powerful AMS8-1AN comes packaged as a sleek 1RU unit, and is equipped with AES67 and AES/EBU Inputs, as well as Analog, AES/EBU and AES67 outputs. Connections are made via DB25 for Analog, Euroblocks & BNC for AES/EBU, and RJ45 for AES67.

    The AMS8-1AN also features our newly redesigned speaker system with highly improved acoustics compared to our previous audio monitor lineup. As with our entire audio monitor lineup, the AMS8-1AN has been designed to withstand the rigor of the 24/7 broadcast industry working time. Its small size and rackmountable form factor makes it perfect for use in space-constrained broadcast studios and mobile production trucks.

    View more details and specifications about the AMS8-AN here.


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  • AMS2-N Audio Monitoring System with Ravenna® AES67 Networking Capability

    Hot on the heels of our Ravenna® partnership announcement, we would like to introduce our new AES67 capable Audio Monitor, the AMS2-N, which we will be showcasing at NAB 2016! Networked monitoring has never been more simple or cost effective!

    The versatile AMS2-N is packaged as a standard 1RU unit and is equipped with both Ravenna® AES67 and Digital AES Inputs.   Connections are via RJ45 for AES67 and 3-pin XLR for AES located on the rear panel.  An AES output is provided for ‘In Line’ AES installs, or where Ravenna® to AES conversion is required.

    Quality, affordability and portability, in one neat package.  AMS2-N is the Mini Cue Speaker for you,  perfect for use in studios, pro AV, mobile trucks and environments, where quality is essential and space and budgets are limited.

    View more details and specifications about the AMS2-N here.


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  • Introducing our newly redesigned AMS4 Audio Monitoring System

    Ward-Beck is proud to introduce our newly redesigned AMS4 Audio Monitoring System, now with better acoustics and a classic but modernized design!

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  • Modifying our AMS Select series: Part 2: AMS8

    The Ward-Beck team is going full speed ahead with our AMS Select series redesigns, and we are now tackling the AMS8-2A 2RU monitoring system!

    The greatest challenge is that this redesign is constrained by the limitations of the old design. As much as we can, we are trying to integrate new design elements and technical improvements into the old design, rather than replace the old redesign entirely. This helps us to retain backwards compatibility as much as possible, and reduce redesign cost. In some way, this is more challenging than starting from scratch. For instance, the speaker grills on the front panel had to be designed into a position that is optimal for sound, but not interfering with any screwing/fastening locations from the old design. Likewise, the new speakers and tweeters had to be positioned so that they could co-exist with the circuit boards and LEDs on the front panel. Yet, at the end of the day, the newly redesigned system is already starting to sound good!

    A preliminary speaker grill design:

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  • Modifying our AMS Select series: Part 1: AMS4

    Ward-Beck's R&D team has a new project! We are working on modifying our AMS Select series of audio meters.

    Over the past year, Ward-Beck has been working on perfecting the speaker design used in our audio meter/monitor solutions. The new speaker design has been perfected, and our first use of the new design was in our AMS2 Mini Cue Speakers. The AMS2's sound performance have been well-received by our customers, and we are now working to redesign the rest of our Select series to incorporate the new speaker design.

    First up, the AMS4 Audio Monitoring System!

    AMS4-1AA Three Quarter

    Our redesign is still in the preliminary stages, but take a sneak peek at some of the stages of redesign, and what we expect the finished product to look like.

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  • Ward-Beck Systems - Lobby V5.05

    Ward-Beck Systems V5.05 front room - photo by

  • RTO-214 - ReTrO support for legacy Ward-Beck Systems console modules

    Ward-Beck Systems has gain control as a reputation.  For over 40 years, WBS has been turning on, off, up, and down audio signals for the television and radio industry.  We have produced thousands of large format mixing consoles and modules, from 1967 up until just last month.  Many of the legacy console modules, have made their way into the music industry.  In 2002, an internet following of the modules and consoles, the Ward-Beck Systems Preservation Societywas created to offer support and documentation to users.  Anthony P. Kuzub, the student behind it all, recently accepted an internship in our design department.  With him around, much of the WBS legacy, documentation, parts and knowledge of the legacy consoles is maintained.   The first product off of his bench is one that offers owners of legacy modules a solution to a common problem: "How do I rack mount these loose modules?" Ward-Beck Systems is excited to announce a new lineup of retro products! Starting with a 2RU rack enclosure for (2) 14" legacy WBS modules. RTO214 - 2ru Rack mount with Ward-Beck Systems M460 microphone pre-amps The RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis and connector kit for TWO 14" Ward-Beck Systems M46O*, M470*, M521 or similar 14" footprint. 276_29 With studios shrinking in size, and gear filling up the expensive rack space, there has been a pronounced need for a 2RU enclosure. This was originally designed by veteran WBS fabricator Erwin S. for the current lineup of WBS AMS-8 products. The design updates and fabrication are carried forward by Shop Manager and Mechanical Designer Dave Adams. Dave is a master metal smith utilizing the tools that built the modules that WBSps users want to have rack mounted. Dave has been working together with APK to create a stable platform in a 2RU enclosure.  Sold as a DIY flat pack kit with all the pieces you need. The BUM (Back Unit Mount) will be pre-punched for however you decide to wire it. Power options and i/o varieties make for easy design and hookup. 

    Along with a full chassis, the kit also includes:
    (2) 5 pin panel mount Neutrik XLR Female
    (1) 5 pin panel mount Neutrik XLR Male
    (2) 3 Pin Neutrik XLRM chassis mount
    (2) 3 Pin Neutrik XLRF chassis mount
    (2) 3 pin / TRS Combi Jacks chassis mount
    (4) Reclaimed EDAC mating connectors - (New stock Available) Internal hookup wire
    (6) Numbered 2' pieces of Mogami hookup wire
    (4) Cheesehead Module screws
    (1) Set of vinyl labels with related words and numbers for your project 

    RTO214 - Ward-Beck Systems Back Unit Mount - BUM - for rack mounting legacy vintage console Modules*note: unit above is shown with (2) 5 pin female connectors as a mockup.  Recommended wiring is XLRF for power input and XLRM for power output

    To make interconnection easier, a power cable kit is included:
    (1) 5 Pin Neutrik XLR Male
    (1) 5 Pin Neutrik XLR Female
    Wire to build power cable
    Expando for Power cable

    RTO214 - 2ru Rack mount Ward-Beck Systems cable kit We are offering this flat packed kit at,  and encouraging support for customers through the forum.

    Upcoming products that are Bananas: (not ripe for market) - External Power supply - DB25 pre-wired breakouts - DB25 to EDAC connectors for the modules of your choice - RTO-114 (1) 14" L series modules in 1RU - RTO-47 (4) 7" L series modules in 2RU - RTO-27 (2) 7" L series modules in 1RU - RTO-26.5 (2) 6.5" retro 400 series modules in 1RU Pre-orders can be taken, and custom ideas are always welcomed.  Submit your designs today.

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