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  • New POD8A - Distribution Amp - passing sound

    The office stereo now has a QTP enabled distribution amp to play with.

    Here's a sneak peek.


    Trimmer adjusted Stereo XLR Line input Distributed to (12) XLR outputs as Stereo pairs, mono summed, or Left as mono. and Analog audio Distribution amp is a new part of the office network.

    Trimmer adjusted QTP analog in.  Adjusted QTP analog out.

    Ward-Beck Systems - Balanced Analog audio distribution amplifier with xlr and rj45 outputs,  Quadtwisted pair RJ45 audio, Layer 1 balanced audio transmission, low crosstalk, networking audio over cat 5 or cat 6 or cat6A cable.

  • On the drawing board: QTP-WBS

    On the drawing board this week is the QTP-WBS: a triple QTP to DB25 interface using a Ward-Beck Systems pinout mating with (3) RJ45QTP connectors .

    Unlike the 8 channel Yamaha and Tascam DB25 standard, the WBS DB25 offers (12) differential pairs in a single connection point.
    Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.28.12 PM
    With the expansion of the QTP interconnection system, we're happy to debut the new QTP-WBS High Density connection pattern.  This pattern was inspired by a connector found on our AMS-16 and MLC-8 surround sound monitoring controller.  These monitoring system allowed users 5.1 + 2 analog monitoring optional GPIO.

    More connections less space: first by design.

    More to come...

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