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  • How to set up our PreMo-222 for talk show radio or podcasts

    A very serious conversation being held via our new PreMo-222 networked mic preamplifier. Talk show radio anyone? ;)

    conversation via PreMo-222 aes67 networked mic preamp

    Below is how the PreMo-222 would be set up for talk show radio.

    Premo-222 talk show radio setup

    A one-stop shop for your podcast/radio needs ;)

  • Ward-Beck Systems at AES 143 - NYC 2017



    IMG_20171020_123806_333 IMG_20171020_121620 IMG_20171019_161806_501 IMG_20171019_122742 IMG_20171018_125611_520 IMG_20171018_125545_398 IMG_20171018_110000 IMG_20171018_101202 IMG_20171018_093743 IMG_20171018_080258 IMG_20171018_080103 IMG_20171018_073225 PANO_20171020_130844 IMG_20171021_144624 IMG_20171021_100356 IMG_20171020_215853 IMG_20171020_181144_782 IMG_20171020_165033_355 IMG_20171020_151657 IMG_20171020_110023 IMG_20171020_105518_864 IMG_20171020_091129_1 IMG_20171020_084750 IMG_20171020_084737_1 IMG_20171020_084731_1 IMG_20171020_083821

  • Toronto Audio Engineering Society - 50 Years of Toronto’s Ward-Beck Systems


    Ward-Beck Systems is pleased to announce its 50th Anniversary in April 2017. Through five decades of continuous operation, we have witnessed many technological and social changes in our industry, including the transition from mixing consoles to tablets, the digitization of analog signals, convergence between various technologies and lately, the shift to networked audio and video signals.

    Through it all we persevered, evolved and kept innovating to maintain our relevance to our clients and the industry. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, after-sales support and excellent customer relations form the foundation of our company.

    Join the AES Toronto Section for a presentation on:

    History of Ward-Beck Systems Toronto audio solutions

    • The process and challenges of mass producing one-offs in Toronto
    • Factory Tour
    • AES67 network configuration and functionality as it relates to PTP and synchronization
    • Interoperability and the importance it plays in the future of Audio and Video IP technology

    Ward-Beck Systems showcasing the preMO, 32ME and AMS2 at the NAB 2017 IP showcase.  Confirming SMPTE ST2110 interoperability with many manufactures.


    Kevin Lyver

    Kevin Lyver


    16 years of experience working at Ward-Beck Systems. Starting as a shipper & receiver and working his way up through procurement, sales and marketing to the position of Chief Operations Officer.

    In November 2015 Kevin acquired the shares of Ward-Beck Systems Inc, and now holds the title of president. Efforts within the company are geared to improve to all aspects of the operation, to ease work-flow, increase productivity and profitability.

    Recent activity include working with government funded programs geared to small business development within Canada and Ontario including SR&ED, IRAP, NSERC, ICTC SBDI, OCE, and MEDG.

    Anthony P. Kuzub

    Anthony P. Kuzub

    Audio Chameleon

    Anthony started with WBS in 2002 as an enthusiast. He scanned legacy documentation and published it for the world’s consumption though the WBS Preservation Society website.

    After leaving his post as technical supervisor at Toronto’s Revolution Recording to pursue studies in Communication Engineering, WBS invited Anthony to be a resident Technologist. Anthony is a product manager, systems engineer, audio network designer and field applications specialist. As an audio chameleon he can adapt solutions for any application.

  • Canada Music Week Visitor: GGGarth Richardson

    Garth Richardson at Ward-Beck Systems

    During Canada Music Week, producer / engineer and Ward-Beck Systems console enthusiast Garth Richardson came to us with an upgrade request. His Ward-Beck Systems L3204 console, formerly owned by the renown Kill Bennedy,  needed more gain on the direct outs.
    Bill Kennedy - Ward-Beck Systems L3204 Mixing console
    Garth's attention to gain structure lead him to need 4dB more from the WBS-L_M470A direct line output, factory set to 0dB relative to -15dB in hand position.  After a visit at the factory we came up with a solution tailored to fit the M470A module.

    Introducing the WBS-L-GGGain add on for the
    WBS-L-M470 microphone pre-amp modules. 
    Ward-Beck Systems - GGGain designed for Garth Richardson

    The WBS-L-GGGain adds 4dB of gain to only the direct out.  It was important not to throw the busses out of alignment.  By replacing the R104 and R105, the use of a WBS Legacy inspired Booster amplifier design, the task is accomplished preserving the character of the channel strip Garth enjoys.  The design is very similar to that used within the M470 Mic pre-amp fader receiver.

    Ward-Beck systems M470 output schematic

    In order to be customer installed, a hole must be drilled into the PCB; luckily a spot without traces was nearby.  The WBS-L-GGGain has (7) leads that easily connect to the PCB for line in/out and power.  Ward-Beck Systems - GGGain designed for Garth Richardson overlaid on an M470 microphone pre-ampThe first production run will be this month.  Once they are test department approved, they will be install ready.  Several extra GGGain modules will be produced and made available in our new online marketplace.  We look forward to working on projects like this one for Garth and welcome others like it.   Ward-Beck Systems - First By Design.  

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