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  • Ward-Beck MP4 Audio Meters used to produce Grammys 2018

    I spy a WBS MP4 Audio Level Meter at the Grammys! It's nice to see the MP4 as the meter of choice at such a major event :)

    WBS MP4 meters at Grammys 2018

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    Our MP Series of audio meters are rackmount analog meters, that display peak and VU information on classic moving needle meters. The popular MP4 custom panels contain four meters of your choice, VU or PPM, in the combination required to suit your metering needs. Similarly, the MP3 panels feature three meters of your choice per unit, the MP2 panels feature two meters of your choice, and the MP1 panels feature one meter of your choice. Their versatility, rackmountability and durability has enabled the MP meters to be used in a wide variety of applications, from broadcast stations to military outposts.

    MP4(VU) Front

    MP2(1P1V) Front

    MP3(PPM) Front

  • Big VU meters going mobile

    Big VU meters

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