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  • POD2VOL: A custom build of the POD2

    Once in our while, one of our regular customers requests a customization to one of our products, and we take on the challenge. In this case, our customer requested a volume control installed on one of our audio switchers, the POD2 . This one mainly involved an added potentiometer and some other extra parts.

    Original POD2:

    POD2 Three Quarter

    POD2 Three Quarter

    Modified POD2 with Volume Control (POD2VOL):

    Looks pretty nice, if we say so ourself! It was a bit of work to knock this one out, but it's nice to get such an interesting order out the door!

  • Testing our booth signage for NAB 2016

    We're preparing for war!!!


    Nah, we're just doing a test setup of the Ward-Beck booth for NAB 2016. It seems to be working so far...

    Testing out our booth sign for NAB 2016

    We are testing out our booth sign for NAB 2016. It's working so far...fingers crossed!

    Posted by Ward-Beck Systems on Friday, February 19, 2016

    Follow our online NAB showroom here:

  • Another successful metal shop design!

    Our metal shop just dropped of one of our first external orders!

    The client wanted some chassis built with computer-like ventilation grills, to host vintage amplifiers. These were designed, prototyped and built in our in-house metalshop.

    We can't wait to do more custom designs like these for our clients! Visit our metalwork and design page to see what we can do for you:

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  • For home audio editors: Hooking up an audio level meter to your laptop or stereo system

    Once in a while, we get questions from independent audio editors about how to hook up one of our audio meters to their home editing system. We had another such request only last week, so we thought we would put up an walkthrough of how to connect an audio level meter to a home editing system, laptop, cellphone, or amp. The principle is the same in hooking up any of the equipment, with minor variations in wiring.

    Take, for example, our POD3A Stereo Audio Level meter with VU and Peak level information.

    POD3A Three Quarter

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  • PPM Driver Redesign

    Out of need comes ingenuity.

    Our 14-060 (PPM Buffer & Driver assembly) recently sold out. This was a through hole board and quite costly to produce due to the hand labour involved in assembly. Further, the item was not 'friendly' to be used outside of a 'Ward-Beck' specific sub-assembly.

    Therefore it is...*drumroll*...time for a redesign!
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  • Testing out new rackmountable speaker

    While we're in the middle of our AMS Select series redesign, we took a look at testing out some new rackmountable speakers. Here's a quick walkthrough of how that went.

    Once the idea of a rackmountable speaker had been brought up, the preliminary design was relatively simple, as it would be part of the Ward-Beck's POD series, for which a base design already exists. However, some specifics - such as designing the front speaker grill - had to be taken care of before any metalwork could proceed:


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  • Modifying our AMS Select series: Part 2: AMS8

    The Ward-Beck team is going full speed ahead with our AMS Select series redesigns, and we are now tackling the AMS8-2A 2RU monitoring system!

    The greatest challenge is that this redesign is constrained by the limitations of the old design. As much as we can, we are trying to integrate new design elements and technical improvements into the old design, rather than replace the old redesign entirely. This helps us to retain backwards compatibility as much as possible, and reduce redesign cost. In some way, this is more challenging than starting from scratch. For instance, the speaker grills on the front panel had to be designed into a position that is optimal for sound, but not interfering with any screwing/fastening locations from the old design. Likewise, the new speakers and tweeters had to be positioned so that they could co-exist with the circuit boards and LEDs on the front panel. Yet, at the end of the day, the newly redesigned system is already starting to sound good!

    A preliminary speaker grill design:

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  • Modifying our AMS Select series: Part 1: AMS4

    Ward-Beck's R&D team has a new project! We are working on modifying our AMS Select series of audio meters.

    Over the past year, Ward-Beck has been working on perfecting the speaker design used in our audio meter/monitor solutions. The new speaker design has been perfected, and our first use of the new design was in our AMS2 Mini Cue Speakers. The AMS2's sound performance have been well-received by our customers, and we are now working to redesign the rest of our Select series to incorporate the new speaker design.

    First up, the AMS4 Audio Monitoring System!

    AMS4-1AA Three Quarter

    Our redesign is still in the preliminary stages, but take a sneak peek at some of the stages of redesign, and what we expect the finished product to look like.

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  • Mission AoIP: A fact-finding journey to New York.

    Our Engineering team went down south to New York this week on a fact-finding mission about Audio over IP. We had the chance to meet with, and interview, some awesome folks from ABC, NBC and CBS. We even got the chance to peek into an ABC mobile unit covering the Papal Visit!

    Most of all, we gathered some very crucial information about AoIP, and what it means to our customers. This is going to be of great help to us in designing products designed for AoIP.

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  • TBT: Extender Boards: An old-school way of testing consoles

    One of our regular inventory checks at Ward-Beck turned up an interesting old tool that was in popular usage during the console era, helping to repair and maintenance of audio consoles.

    What you see above is an R2K console extender board, a simple board that was placed in between the console chassis and the console modules.



    This helps to extend the circuitry on the module out of the chassis, allowing technicians to easily access both sides of the circuit board, in order to connect testing equipment. This made for easier maintenance and repair, and less chance of any circuitry being accidentally damaged because the technicians couldn't properly see the card they were working on.

    These extenders boards provided a practical solution to the physical limitations of testing and troubleshooting in the crowded and enclosed space of a console.

    Extender Boards are not in wide use anymore. These days, when a module from a console, such as our R2K console needs to be repaired, it is simply taken out of the console and sent in for repair, while a replacement is used in its place. However, we do have a modern version of the extender board for the Ward-Beck 8200 series of cards.

    This extender board helps to extend the card out of the cage rack, so that testing on the card can be done without dismantling the whole thing, or have to poke inside the card cage. Again, a handy way to ease up the repair and maintenance process.

    Our extender boards are still being used by technicians in broadcast stations around the country. The little things keep the old ways going :)

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