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  • AMS2-N exhibited at Tonmeistertagung as part of Ravenna booth

    Ward-Beck is be exhibiting our AMS2-N AES67-compatible Cue Speaker at the 29th Tonmeistertagung Conference in Cologne, as part of the Ravenna® booth. Tonmeistertagung is an internationally renowned European conference covering broadcast, film, video, sound production, interactive media, distribution and program exchange, stage and event, hardware and software production, research and development, as well as teaching and training of same.

    Our entry-level AMS2-N speaker is cost-effective solution for networked monitoring. It is equipped with both Ravenna® AES67 and Digital AES inputs, as well as a Digital AES output and the headset output. It offers high-quality and cost-effective Ravenna® AES67 to AES conversion in a 1RU rackmountable package.

    View more details and specifications about the AMS2-N here.


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  • IMP Impedance Transformers: Ward-Beck's Audio Level Matching products

    Ward-Beck's IMP Series of impedance matching baluns allow for AES/EBU digital audio signals to be distributed using 75 Ohm coaxial cable. Our professional standard audio level matching products allow you to switch from running audio through limited length microphone cables, to much long 75 Ohm coaxial cables, while preserving the audio quality.

    Anatomy of an IMP-1M impedance matching balun

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  • Anatomy of a QTP connector

    QTP (Quad Twisted Pair) is moving 4 channels of Analog or AES audio over Category Networking cables. QTP routing solutions cut installation and cable costs significantly, when compared to traditional Individual Pair runs.

    Explore how QTP connectors and cables can simplify your audio wiring:

  • Product Highlight: AA6201A Universal Analog Audio Distribution Amp (for openGear)

    The product highlight of the day is our best-selling AA6201A  Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier, whose versatility and universaility has made it a popular choice for system installers all over the world. AA6201A cards are in use worldwide, in many different kinds of applications, including: broadcast stations, production studios, universities, sports stadiums, and more!

    Pictured above: AA6201A Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier with T6303A Rear Termination

    The AA6201A is a universal and opensource DA, and is part of the openGear series of modular broadcasting equipment. When combined with the T6303A rear module, and housed in the award-winning openGear frame, the AA6201A can be used as a 1 x 8 distribution amplifier or a dual 1 x 4 distribution amplifier. Its flexibility makes it a great fit for many different kinds of system design.

    Pictured above: Up to 20 cards be installed in one OG3-FR-C openGear frame

    Up to twenty openGear cards can be installed in one openGear frame, saving on both space and system installation costs. You can mix and match from our repertoire of openGear cards, which includes the AA6201A Distribution Amplifier card, but also other cards such as the AV6201A Analog Video Distribution Amplifier, and the M6205A-3G 3G HD/SD-SDI Audio Processor.

    Pros of using the AA6201A Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier

    - universal and opensource product that works with
    - modular and cost-effective solution, saving installers both space and money
    - easily rackmounted in state-of-the-art openGear frame
    - can be mixed and matched with other openGear series cards to create a fully functional system of audio equipment

    If you think that the AA6201A could be a good fit for your system design, email us at for more information and engineering feedback!

  • Introducing the preMO mic preamp!

    The future of Audio over IP is here!

    The dream of networked microphones is a reality with Ward-Beck Systems’ preMO-A1 microphone preamplifier.  Combining 50 years of pre-amplifier and format conversion experience, the preMO-A1 is the convergence of analog audio, digital conversion, and IP based networking.  Designed with input from trailblazers of broadcast system engineering, the preMO-A1 is a forward-thinking AES67 (Ravenna®) network audio device.  Microphone in, multicast out.


    Industry features

    The PreMo-A1 is an all-in-one network on-ramp;  combining a microphone pre-amp, analog to digital converter, AES67 stream builder and network interface controller.  Optimized for ultra low noise amplification, a CMOS controlled pre-amplifier accepts microphone and line level signals with a uniformed frequency response. Condenser microphones are energized by 48 Volt phantom power.  Addressable variable gain of up to 63dB can be applied by the PreMo-A1.  The PreMo-A1 supports  sampling rates of 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit depth.  Greater than 122dB of dynamic range is achieved with an innovative analog to digital channel summation technique.  A low latency AES67 stream is packetized and transmitted through a standard RJ45 connector.  Synchronization, media clock selection, network transport, session description and connection management are handled by a friendly graphical user web interface. In alpha release, an intuitive set of local controls adjust the sensitivity and phantom power while being displayed by a backlit on-board OLED display.  

    Simplified wiring
    The PreMo-A1 can powered directly by an external power adapter, and is also a PoE-compatible device. With Power over Ethernet, a single ethernet cable carries the data signal and provides operating power, eliminating the need for external power. Unlike frame-based interfaces, the PreMo-A1 is the source, not the destination.  Deploying standard networking cable and switches decreases the cost of infrastructure installation significantly. Housed in a lightweight enclosure, the PreMo-A1 stays close to the sound source, eliminating the threat of RFI. The rugged aluminum case is built to withstand the rigorous 24/7/365 work hours of the broadcast industry.

    Visit us at IBC 2016, at the MNA Pavilion Stand # 8.C94, and hear the PreMo-A1 in action!


  • A little throwback - our mini headset amp design from 1995 to 2016

    A little throwback moment today, our miniature headset amp design from 1995 vs 2016:

    A big shift in 11 years, both in terms of the redesign, and in terms of the technology available to us as we proceeded with the redesign! We even renamed this product from its old name, POD6, to its new name, the microDriver (a change made for clarity). Despite all the changes, this tiny products provides the same old high quality and reliable function! ;)

  • Old meets new!

    We're doing some repairs to an old legacy WBS console in the office today, with the help of none other of our brand new spanking AMS2 Audio Monitors.

    The AMS2 is acting as a monitor output for testing the audio from the console.

    Love seeing the WBS old guard working in tandem with the new!

    AMS2 Front Three Quarter

  • Custom Ward-Beck metalwork being installed in downtown Toronto studio

    One of our engineers just sent us an on-location photo of the installation of one of many booth panels that we designed for a new production studio in downtown Toronto! These panels were designed and made right here in our in-house metalshop.

    It is always a thrill to see our equipment being installed in production studios, and it is even more special to know that these custom-made panels are going to a studio in our very own home city of Toronto, to be put to use by local musicians.

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  • We're at the MMVAs (or our BigVU Meters are, at least!)

    Our BigVU audio level meters were on Bell Media's 4K mobile productions truck for the MMVS's last Sunday. What's better than some big dang audio meters to let you KNOW that you have main program output from a distance?

  • Why Ward-Beck's 8200 Series of modular audio equipment is a great fit for your studio

    Considering using our 8200 Series of modular audio equipment for your small studio? Here are some reasons why it would be a good fit!

    Ward-Beck's 8200 series is a series of cards that each perform a different audio processing function. We have A2D and D2A converters, Audio and Video distribution amplifiers (incl. Reclocking DAs), signal generators, and more.

    These cards are housed in the 2RU rackmount MF8212 frame, which is powered by two power supplies that are both housed in-frame. You can mix and match the cards you want, in order to build your own audio system, all in one rackmountable frame. Talk about saving space.

    Besides the portability and space conservation aspects, the greatest advantage of the 8200 series is that the well-ventilated architecture of the MF8212 frame discards the need for a fan. This system is one of the few noiseless frame systems in the audio industry, if not the only one!

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