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  • Testing out new rackmountable speaker

    While we're in the middle of our AMS Select series redesign, we took a look at testing out some new rackmountable speakers. Here's a quick walkthrough of how that went.

    Once the idea of a rackmountable speaker had been brought up, the preliminary design was relatively simple, as it would be part of the Ward-Beck's POD series, for which a base design already exists. However, some specifics - such as designing the front speaker grill - had to be taken care of before any metalwork could proceed:


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  • Modifying our AMS Select series: Part 2: AMS8

    The Ward-Beck team is going full speed ahead with our AMS Select series redesigns, and we are now tackling the AMS8-2A 2RU monitoring system!

    The greatest challenge is that this redesign is constrained by the limitations of the old design. As much as we can, we are trying to integrate new design elements and technical improvements into the old design, rather than replace the old redesign entirely. This helps us to retain backwards compatibility as much as possible, and reduce redesign cost. In some way, this is more challenging than starting from scratch. For instance, the speaker grills on the front panel had to be designed into a position that is optimal for sound, but not interfering with any screwing/fastening locations from the old design. Likewise, the new speakers and tweeters had to be positioned so that they could co-exist with the circuit boards and LEDs on the front panel. Yet, at the end of the day, the newly redesigned system is already starting to sound good!

    A preliminary speaker grill design:

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  • Modifying our AMS Select series: Part 1: AMS4

    Ward-Beck's R&D team has a new project! We are working on modifying our AMS Select series of audio meters.

    Over the past year, Ward-Beck has been working on perfecting the speaker design used in our audio meter/monitor solutions. The new speaker design has been perfected, and our first use of the new design was in our AMS2 Mini Cue Speakers. The AMS2's sound performance have been well-received by our customers, and we are now working to redesign the rest of our Select series to incorporate the new speaker design.

    First up, the AMS4 Audio Monitoring System!

    AMS4-1AA Three Quarter

    Our redesign is still in the preliminary stages, but take a sneak peek at some of the stages of redesign, and what we expect the finished product to look like.

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  • Birth of an MF8212 frame: A Step by Step Look at Production

    If you're a DIY electronics enthusiast, you might find this interesting. We've been putting out quite a few new products at Ward-Beck recently, but one day, not long ago, these products were mere lines drawn on paper by our talented design team. Our in-house metal shop and production facility takes these drafts, and translates them into reality. With that in mind, we thought you might like a little insider look into what goes into putting together one of our products.

    Now, the below arrangement might just look like a bunch of screws and panels and spare parts to you...

    But, to the trained eye, these are the origins of an MF8212, the standard WBS frame for our 8200 card series which deliver modular solutions for the distribution and conversion of audio and video signals.

    Let's give our production team a little crack at it, shall we?
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