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  • Article: Interoperability on the increase!

    We're hoping to be part of the interoperability-focused IP Showcase at 2018! If all goes well, you can find us there from April 9 to April 12, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

    Article - Interoperability on the rise

    NAB 2018 Show Map

  • Top of rack in the IP Showcase booth at NAB 2017!

    Spotted at the NAB 2017 Interoperability Booth: Ward-Beck's very own PreMo mic preamps, AMS2-N AES67 monitor, and 32ME-N bidirectional AES67 converter!

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  • NAB 2017 - Day 1 of the Show!

    Monday - first day of the Show! Lights, camera....action!

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  • NAB - Day 2 of Setup

    Sunday - the day two of setting up at NAB 2017 - things are starting to come together!

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  • NAB - Day 1 of Setup

    Saturday - the day one of set up at NAB 2017!

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  • Success!

    We have just returned from the pre-NAB Interoperability test in Houston with great success!

    Ward-Beck is proud to announce #AES67 and #smpte ST2110/2059 IP conection, confirmation and communication with such amazing companies as:

    - ARG
    - Arista
    - Avid
    - Calrec Audio
    - Cobalt Digital
    - Coveloz
    - Digigram
    - Evertz
    - Focusrite
    - Grass Valley Live
    - Ross Video Limited
    - Imagine Communications
    - LAWO
    - Meinberg Radio Clocks
    - Mellanox Technologies
    - Merging Technologies
    - Nevion
    - Panasonic
    - Riedel
    - Sony Corporation
    - Telos Alliance
    - Vizrt
    - Wheatstone
    - Yamaha Audio
    - Genelec
    - Cymatic Audio

    Find us at the NAB 2017 AoIP Interoperability Zone, where our products will be demonstrated in action, along with products from many of the above companies, from April 24-27, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre! Ward-Beck will also be exhibiting at Booth C1941 in Central Hall.

  • The Calm before the Storm: Setting up the pre-NAB JT-NM interop session in Houston

    Everything is ready to go in Houston, Texas, where over 70 technical experts from over 40 companies will be aiming to successfully validate cross-vendor interoperability of their networked technology products. This event is in preparation for the Interoparibility Zone at NAB 2017, where products of different vendors will be brought together in a professionally verified, cross-vendor interoperability demo.

    The overall aim of the Interoperability Event at NAB 2017 is to raise awareness of the advantages and versatility of networked technology, and showcase what a large variety of products are at a customer's fingertips, which are technically verified to work well with each other.

    Ward-Beck is proud to be one of the companies participating in the Houston test, and at the NAB 2017 Interoperability Zone, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. As well, we will be demonstrating more products from our lineup at our own booth, C1941 in Central Hall, during NAB, so come find us there, from April 24-27, 2017!

    The setup looks peaceful now, but crunch time is almost here. Who knows how this place will look once all the testing is done? Stay tuned to find out!

  • From setup to showtime. Our NAB experience so far, told in pictures!

    For those of you on the floor at NAB 2015, or following along at home, hope you are having a great time watching! Here's Ward-Beck's NAB experience so far, from setting up to show time!

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  • How we made our flashy LED sign for NAB 2015


    We are live with our flashy new LED sign at NAB 2015, that we designed and built ourselves! For those curious about how we went about making this sign, please read on.

    We used the PSOC pioneer kit to make an LED-lighted sign for our company’s booth at a trade show. Our purpose in building this sign was to A) Save on costs by re-using old materials we had lying around,as we are a small business with limited budget and B) Design a beautiful and eye-catching sign that would go well with the rest of our custom-built trade show booth.

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  • Building our NAB booth - final installation!

    The inspiration for our NAB Booth:

    How it turned out:

    How we made it happen...

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