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  • The first ever Networked Mic Stand- AES67 conversion on the go!

    Ward-Beck was proud to unveil the first ever networked mic stand at the 2017 NAB Show, where it proved to be a showstopper at our booth.

    The first of its kind, our networked mic stand is an all-in-one networked device that houses a microphone pre-amp, analog to digital converter and AES67 stream builder, all in the stand itself. The mic stand is a regular straight stand, with a weighted base that houses the audio equipment. The microphone provides analog audio input, and RJ45 AES67/Ravenna stream comes out. The gain is set remotely using our new PreMote Control.

    Analog in, RJ45 AES67 Ravenna out

  • Introducing the preMO mic preamp!

    The future of Audio over IP is here!

    The dream of networked microphones is a reality with Ward-Beck Systems’ preMO-A1 microphone preamplifier.  Combining 50 years of pre-amplifier and format conversion experience, the preMO-A1 is the convergence of analog audio, digital conversion, and IP based networking.  Designed with input from trailblazers of broadcast system engineering, the preMO-A1 is a forward-thinking AES67 (Ravenna®) network audio device.  Microphone in, multicast out.


    Industry features

    The PreMo-A1 is an all-in-one network on-ramp;  combining a microphone pre-amp, analog to digital converter, AES67 stream builder and network interface controller.  Optimized for ultra low noise amplification, a CMOS controlled pre-amplifier accepts microphone and line level signals with a uniformed frequency response. Condenser microphones are energized by 48 Volt phantom power.  Addressable variable gain of up to 63dB can be applied by the PreMo-A1.  The PreMo-A1 supports  sampling rates of 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit depth.  Greater than 122dB of dynamic range is achieved with an innovative analog to digital channel summation technique.  A low latency AES67 stream is packetized and transmitted through a standard RJ45 connector.  Synchronization, media clock selection, network transport, session description and connection management are handled by a friendly graphical user web interface. In alpha release, an intuitive set of local controls adjust the sensitivity and phantom power while being displayed by a backlit on-board OLED display.  

    Simplified wiring
    The PreMo-A1 can powered directly by an external power adapter, and is also a PoE-compatible device. With Power over Ethernet, a single ethernet cable carries the data signal and provides operating power, eliminating the need for external power. Unlike frame-based interfaces, the PreMo-A1 is the source, not the destination.  Deploying standard networking cable and switches decreases the cost of infrastructure installation significantly. Housed in a lightweight enclosure, the PreMo-A1 stays close to the sound source, eliminating the threat of RFI. The rugged aluminum case is built to withstand the rigorous 24/7/365 work hours of the broadcast industry.

    Visit us at IBC 2016, at the MNA Pavilion Stand # 8.C94, and hear the PreMo-A1 in action!


  • Announcing our new AoIP-focused partnership with RAVENNA

    Ward-Beck is proud to announce that we have joined the Ravenna partner community, as part of our ongoing commitment  to provide AoIP-compatible products to the broadcast and professional audio industry.



    ‘AoIP is the way of the future. We conducted extensive research on the different available technologies and found Ravenna/AES67 suited our needs and the needs of our clients best. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners at ALC NetworX and the growing Ravenna partner community.’

    - Kevin Lyver, President of Ward-Beck Systems Inc.


    As Canada's oldest audio equipment manufacturer, we are thrilled to be moving forward with this new chapter in Ward-Beck's history, by adding Ravenna/AES67 connectivity to our AMS2-N, (two-channel monitor), AMS8-N (eight-channel monitor) 32ME-N (dual 16-channel network converter with metering) and MLC8-N (eight-channel converter, with metering and level control).


    ‘With the rapidly increasing industry interest on AES67, a growing number of manufacturers are seeking for fast and reliable options to integrate audio-over-IP connectivity into their products. ‘We are honoured that Ward-Beck Systems with their palette of highly specialised products and their enviable reputation as an excellent project partner has chosen to use Ravenna technology to implement AES67 connectivity into their products. We are convinced that Ravenna/AES67-enabled Ward-Beck products will further enhance the field of applications for interoperable audio-over-IP solutions.’

    - Andreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager of ALC NetworX

    Ward-Beck will be introducing our new AoIP-compatible products at NAB 2016. Find us at Booth C1941 in Central Hall, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, from April 16-21, 2016. You can also visit our online NAB showroom to get up-to-date information on what we will be showcasing. In addition, keep visiting our blog for further updates on the products we will be introducing at the Show! 



  • Introducing the POD8A!

    We are pleased to inform that we have upgraded our POD8 1x6 Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier, and added new industry-leading features to it. The new POD8A Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier now features Input and Output Level Trims, A + B Input Sum operation and Stereo 1x8 or Mono 1x16 Operations!

    This Analog Audio DA packs a serious punch!

    POD8A Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier with Input & Output Level Trim, A + B Input Sum, Stereo 1x8 or Mono 1x16 Operation!

    POD8A is an analog audio distribution amplifier providing sixteen adjustable output channels from 2 input channels. POD8A can be configured to operate as MONO 1x16 where Input A goes to A and B Outputs or STEREO 1x8 where Input A goes to A Outputs and Input B goes to B Outputs. It can also operate in SUM mode where the mono sum of Input A and Input B goes to A and B Outputs. Mode selection is done via a 3 position slide switch on the front panel. Sixteen separate screwdriver adjustable potentiometers on the front panel allow the user to trim the levels of all output channels independently. Two additional adjustable potentiometers on the front panel allow trimming the inputs individually which can be useful when in the summing mode. Input and output connections to POD8A are via screw terminals located on the rear panel.

    The POD8A comes in the convenient standalone package shown above. Alternatively, it can also be rackmounted individually or side-by-side, for easy racking up in space-constrained broadcast and studio spaces.



    Input Gain 0dB to -16dB
    Output Gain -2dB to +18dB
    Max Output Level +27 dBu
    Max Input Level +27 dBu
    Frequency Response ±0.02dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
    Noise Better than -90 dBu, 20Hz to 20kHz
    THD + Noise Better than 0.002 %, 20Hz to 20kHz
    Stereo Separation Better than -88dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
    Input Impedance 20kΩ balanced
    Output Impedance 60Ω balanced
    Common Mode Rejection Better than -76dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
    Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
    Dimensions 8.69" wide x 1.73" high x 7.0" deep (221mm x 44mm x 178 mm)
    Weight 1.026kg / 2.26lbs


    Please download the POD8A Manual here for more information.

    We already have our first order waiting to be shipped out to some long-waiting broadcast customers. We are taking orders for more immediately. Get yours now at our new online store!

  • Introducing POD34 30 Watt Stereo amplifier With Balanced Analog and 110 Ohm AES Audio Inputs

    Introducing the POD34, the newest in our range of top quality, low-cost audio problem solvers!  Suitable for table-top or rackmount use, the POD34 is the go-to pro audio amplifier, designed for use in  studio, pro AV, mobile trucks and broadcasting environments, where quality is essential, space is limited and budgets are tight.   This unit comes ready for use with balanced analog audio and 110Ω inputs.  POD34 offers left, right, and stereo volume controls along with a stereo headset jack which mutes the speaker outputs when used. AES lock indicator and source selection controls all located on the front panel.

    Looking to get your hands on this new product? Want other compact, affordable and high-quality solutions for your broadcast problems? Contact Ward-Beck Systems now! Email or call 416-335-5999 for more information.



    FIND US AT NAB 2015!
    We will be showcasing the new POD34 at the NAB 2015 Trade Show RIGHT NOW! If you are going to NAB 2015, please find us at Central Hall, right on the border of Acquisition & Production and Radio/Pro Audio. You will see us at Booth# C2541!


  • Bring your own speakers, 'cause we're AMPing up our Micro line!

    BYOS - Bring Your Own Speakers! Introducing the microAMP/110 & microAMP/75, the newest in our range of top quality, low-cost problem solving audio solutions.

    The microAMP is designed specifically as a ‘back-pack’ for existing passive monitor speakers when only 110 Ohm or 75 Ohm digital feeds are available.  The microAMPs mount directly to the back of your passive monitors offering a cost effective solution when only digital signals are available. Give your existing passive monitors a new lease on life in a digital world.  microAMPs are the go-to pro audio amplifiers, designed for use in  studio, pro AV, mobile trucks and other broadcasting environments where quality is essential  and budgets are limited.



    Information Sheet

    Want to see the microAMP in action? Find us at NAB 2015!
    We will be showcasing the microAMPs at the NAB 2015 Trade Show. If you are going to NAB 2015, please find us at Central Hall, right on the border of Acquisition & Production and Radio/Pro Audio. You will see us at Booth# C2541!


  • Our new product is match-ical!

    Signal-handling headaches have met their match!

    Introducing the microMatch, the latest in Ward-Beck’s Micro series of small, affordable products designed solve big signal handling headaches.

    The microMatch converts a consumer stereo unbalanced audio pair to professional balanced line levels with proper termination. It also provides a separate balanced mono mix output. If you require balanced audio from your consumer playback device, the microMatch is the product you are looking for! microMatch is perfect for use in studios, pro AV, mobile trucks and other environments where quality is essential and space and budgets are limited.

    The microMatch is an affordable, high-quality and portable converter. Moreover, it can be easily powered by a standard USB. There is no tedious installation process, or exactingly specific power supply needed. Just plug it in and start using the microMatch!

    The microMatch plugged into a smartphone, to convert the unbalanced audio from the phone to balanced audio for professional playback. This is just one application out of many that the microMatch can be used for!


    Want to see the microMatch in action? Find us at NAB 2015!
    We will be showcasing the new microMatch at the NAB 2015 Trade Show. If you are going to NAB 2015, please find us at Central Hall, right on the border of Acquisition & Production and Radio/Pro Audio. You will see us at Booth# C2541!


  • Introducing the all-new AMS2 Mini Cue Speaker with Digital and Analog Inputs!

    It's speakerrific! Ward-Beck is proud to introduce the brand new AMS2 Mini Cue speaker, the newest addition to our lineup of simple solutions to complex broadcasting problems.

    The versatile AMS2 is packaged as a standard 1RU unit and is equipped with both digital and stereo analog inputs.   Connections are via pluggable screw terminals located on the rear panel. An IEC power disconnect simplifies installation and removal of the device, especially in mobile applications.

    Installation is simple...just plug the AMS2 in and get to work! Want quality, affordability and portability, all in one neat package? If so, AMS2 is the Mini Cue Speaker for you! The AMS2 is perfect for use in  studios, pro AV, mobile trucks and  many environments, where quality is essential and space and budgets are limited.

    Contact Ward-Beck Systems to get yours! Email us at, or phone 416-335-5999.

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  • Introducing POD14B - Dual Analog to Digital converter

    Looking for an affordable, high-quality solution for your analog to digital audio conversion needs? Look no further than the POD14B, the newest in our range of top quality, low-cost problem solving broadcasting equipment!


    • + Dual AES/EBU analog to digital audio converter
    • + Comes ready for use in 75 Ohm and 110 Ohm installations
    • + Half-rack unit, conserving studio space, and can be rackmounted easily.
    • + No special set up necessary. Just plug and play!

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