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  • Tool of the Day: Ribbon cables and ribbon cable cutters

    A lot of Ward-Beck’s rack-mounted metering and monitoring applications make use of ribbon cables, such as the 32ME-MADI pictured below. What is a ribbon cable? A ribbon cable is a cable made of many wires that run parallel to each other on a flat plane, reducing the risk of wiring error and malfunction due to the parallel configuration of the conductors.

    Ribbon cables come in many sizes and runs of conductors, a few of which can be seen below, and they have many advantages.

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  • Tool of the Day: Bending Machine (A short journey into the metalwork behind Ward-Beck product packaging)

    In contrast to our last tool of the day, this one is quite large.

    Many of our hall mark Ward-Beck products are encased within metal packaging. The lightweight aluminum we use for this purpose is a lot easier to carry than heavier metal like steel, and affords a degree of protection and durability that plastic casing often cannot.

    However, as is the nature of the beast, the raw metal has to go through a lot of steps before becoming the final packaging that you see in products such as our PODs and AMS monitors.

    Before anything can happen, of course, the packaging design has to be finalized by R & D, and sent off to get cast. Once the metal pieces that make up the packaging arrive, in the various shapes and sizes needed, it is time to get to work. One of the initial processes involves using a bending machine to get these metal pieces into the right shape.

    The tool you see below is a bending machine. Dave, the manager of the Ward-Beck metal shop, was kind enough to take us around the various machines in the metal shop, and show us how this one in particular worked.

    The pieces of metal are fed through the bending machine, and various bending tools are used to twist the metal into the desired shape. For this machine, there is a top tool and a bottom tool inserted into the machine. When the machine is at work, these two tools press together on the metal to bend it. Below, you can two bending tools already inserted into the machine, ready to work their magic. Inset, you can also see some of the different varieties of top and bottom tools we have available for use.

    Here is an animation of the bending machine at work, demonstrated once again by Dave Adams.

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  • Tool of the Day: Cable Sleeves

    The tool of the day at our WBS plant is the cable sleeve, which we slip over the end of wires to insulate and separate them near the termination.

    We’ll try to conduct a short tutorial on cable sleeving and while can’t guarantee it’ll be electrifying, we hope you’ll get a charge out of it anyways. Currently sitting on our WIP racks are some POD6 miniature headset amplifiers, getting ready to be shipped out. Now, Watt are we going to be doing to these pretty little boxes?*

    *Getting sick of our puns yet? It hertz us more than it hertz you.

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