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  • What's in the Vault

    Welcome back to What's in the Vault! Before we get to our historical find of the week, here's the answer to our quiz from the previous one. We showed you a schematic of a Headphone Amplifier that was predecessor our current POD6 Headphone Amplifier, and asked you to identify what the precursor product was. If you guessed the M568W Headphone Amplifier Module, you would be right! : )


    This week, courtesy of plant manager Gerry Bell, we've got a special find lined up for you. It's amazing what you'll find when rooting through the old stuff in your garage ; )

    A pretty cool press release introducing Ward Beck's Microcom system, which can been seen pictured below.



    And now for another quiz! Speaking of MicroComs, what was the name of the small 24x36 matrix package that utilized MicroCom II components and was specifically designed by Ward Beck as a cost-effective system to be housed in confined spaces? Stay tuned next week for the answer!

  • What's In the Vault?

    Before we kick off this week's edition of What's In the Vault, here's the answer to our quiz from the previous week. We asked you what the schematic was, which was forerunner to our POD-2 switcher. Well, voilà!

    (The M478A, an 8x1 switcher from 1976.)

    Alright, moving on to this week! Below you can see the M8203, a 400/1000 Hz Oscillator Module that is offered as part of our 8200 series of cards:
    Pretty sweet looking card. And below, schematics from 1975 for the M604A, a 25 Hz oscillator.

    And going way back to 1971, schematics for another ancient oscillator.

    Holding these schematics in your hand is a strange experience, because the things are handdrawn and you can really see the age in the paper.

    And now, another impromptu quiz, that is perhaps not so impromptu at this point ; )

    Below you can see our POD6 Headphone Amplifier and nestled underneath it, a schematic for a product serving a similar purpose from way back. Guess what year the schematic is from! No hints this time! : )

    We’ll reveal the answer at the end of the week, so tune in Friday for the answer, and for the next installation of What’s In The Vault!

  • What's in the Vault?

    Looking back through the archives at WBS always proves to be a rewarding experience. As a company that dates back to 1967, there is quite a bit of valuable historical information filed away in our storage cabinets. Sorting through some of the stuff we found over the last weekend, here is a quick look at how Ward-Beck products have evolved over the years!

    Below, the POD-8,  Stereo Distribution Amplifier currently offered by Ward-Beck:

    And coming into focus, a schematic of the M608/M608A, a WBS Audio Distribution Amplifier from 1980! Can you tell the difference? ; )

    Let’s do another round before we call it a day, with something a little different from the norm. Here is an M8245A power supply, 2 of which are used in the rackmount frame for our 8200 series of cards.

    And here, a little blast from the past: a schematic from 1970 of an M648A power supply.

    And now here’s a little pop quiz for you. Below you can see the POD-2, our Stereo Switcher offering, and nestled underneath it, a schematic for a Switcher from way back when. Can you figure out from the sneak peak of the schematic what the name of the switcher was, and what year the schematic is from?

    (Hint: The schematic is from the same year as the Olympics held in Montreal.)

    We’ll reveal the answer at the end of the week, so tune in Friday for the answer, and for the next installation of What’s In The Vault!

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