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As the oldest Canadian manufacturer in the broadcast industry, we take great pride in preserving our legacy. We provide ongoing support to our legacy products, such as the Ward-Beck consoles that are going strong even now, in various broadcast stations around the world. As part of the support system, we provide repair and refurbishment services for Ward-Beck products old and new.


Repair of consoles and other legacy Ward-Beck equipment

We may not be in the console business anymore, but we appreciate the fierce loyalty that audiophiles still have for our legacy consoles. As such, Ward-Beck has continued to offer repair services for our consoles and legacy equipment. Between our stock of spare parts and testing equipment, most problems with these consoles and modules can be troubleshot in-house. 

We are currently in the product of repairing and refurbishing a legacy console shipped to us all the way from France. The repair part involves the testing, repair and retesting of the switches on the console. In addition, we will be cleaning all the modules and faders, getting them repainted and rescreened, and cleaning out all the knobs as well.

Console sent in for repair

It is a big undertaking, but the end project is going to be beautiful. Stay tuned for updates on this repair project!

Sometimes customers will send in just the individual modules from consoles that need repairing. We do the repair, a little bit of cleanup and then retest the unit to ensure it is functioning perfectly. We are proud to see old Ward-Beck consoles and modules coming in for repair from all over the world, showing that Ward-Beck consoles are still in demand and still lovingly maintained all over the world!

WBS Module undergoing repair

We also offer services like cleaning and repainting the units, such as the metalwork and artwork on the console faders below.

Cleaning up some console faders


Repair of current Ward-Beck products

Ward-Beck products are built to be durable and long-lasting, in order to meet the rigorous 24-7 worktime of the broadcast industry. Therefore, it is not suprising for us to get a phone call from a customer asking for replacement batteries for a ABB1 Audio Monitor that has been going strong for 10 years, or an AMS8 meter-monitor whose shaft encoder needs replacing after five years of 24-7 use.

WBS ABB1 Audio Bit Buddy

Supply of spare parts for legacy and current Ward-Beck equipment

From knobs to faders, we have a fair amount of spare parts in-house for our legacy equipment. We mainly keep this stock for for our repair needs, but users of our legacy products often ring us up, and ask for supply of a spare part or a spare fader, to replace in their console. We are happy to provide, of course! We now have a Parts & Accessories section on our blog, offering supply of spare parts for both old and new Ward-Beck equipment.

Spare parts

Want to send something in for repair?

Contact us with information on the product you would like repaired, and we will get the ball rolling for you!

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