Ward-Beck Systems Inc., incorporated in April, 1967, is a privately held, wholly owned and operated Canadian corporation located at 945 Middlefield Road, Unit 9 in Toronto, ON, M1V 5E1, Canada.
We design and manufacture equipment used in the radio and television broadcasting industry. 

In our fifty-two plus years of operation, we have supplied high quality broadcast equipment to television and radio broadcasters worldwide for both fixed and mobile installations. We have an enviable track record in the timely completion of projects and post installation support. In many instances, our clients have selected us to develop and supply products to address their specific operating requirements.

Our client list includes major broadcasters, systems integrators & government organizations such as: ......and many others worldwide. Ward-Beck equipment is used to broadcast the nightly news, morning talk shows, the Olympics, major league sporting events, political conventions, elections, and more. Our legacy products are sought after by music producers and we have equipment in many educational and governmental institutions. We are audio specialists, our roots are sound. Wherever audio needs to be monitored, metered, distributed, processed or converted, you’ll find us. Embedded, MADI, AES67 & SMPTE 2110-30 networked, analog or AES digital signals... we handle them all expertly.

First by Design.
Our history clearly demonstrates that we have the skill and expertise to tackle any problem put to us, and our products stand up to the rigorous 24/7/365 performance demands expected by our clients. If you have questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

- Kevin Lyver, President